Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Notes and thoughts from Day 2 of Texas ASCD Ignite13

My day two session focused on BYOD efforts in Katy and Houston ISDs. But, really it was about leading systematic change in large organizations and the presenter reminded us that everything we do is about improving instruction. It's not about 1-1 initiatives, BYOD implementation, or anything else. He also reminded us that the technology is the easy part. For the most part tech stuff works. The hard part is changing mindsets and dealing with setbacks along the way. He shared a chart that beautifully outlines the path that new initiatives take. I know it will remind me to remember the trough that comes for all initiatives around October. That is a dark month all around. FInd all that in the notes below.

Along with my notes on today's session I am also going to share a video the presenter shared with us. It personifies the way many of our students feel when we can't meet their needs. They either give up, act out, or find a way to manipulate the system. The sad thing is often we use the "right to refuse service" sign and they end up failing, in the DAEP, or worse. But the message is not a sad one. It highlights an opportunity to improve. There is no sweet sorrow, no pity with RRISD PD. We rage rage against the dying of the light. And Round Rock ISD is once again a shining city on a hill at this conference. Sometimes when we are in the moment it seems like we are the man stuck on the elevator, but we are clearly the doers not the followers. 

Tomorrow we finally get the chance to present our session. A double-header no less. Like Ernie Banks says, "Let's play two." Don't worry, we are hoping to video it so we can share it right here with all of RRISD in the next couple weeks. We will be sharing with everyone our plans to fuse Instruction, Curriculum, Professional Development, and Instructional Technology into a Bogart and Bacall type union for the ages. It will be a union that builds upon itself and helps ensure that every student will learn...whatever it takes.

The notes from today's session are linked in the second paragraph above and the video from the session is below. Enjoy...


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