Thursday, August 22, 2013

Have Questions About Technology? Atomic Learning is Your New Best Friend.

Round Rock ISD has taken a big step in integrating technology into our classrooms. Atomic Learning is a key partner in our dedication to providing the highest quality technology training resources available. In addition to being a resource for our staff and students, our subscription to Atomic Learning is available to all families of our students for use in the home.

How to Login:

Log in with the following username and password:

User Name: your network log in (e######)
Password:  your network password

Our subscription to Atomic Learning includes:

Project-based training on:
  • 21st century concepts and content
  • Tech Integration Projects: Lesson Accelerators
  • Workshops on emerging tech topics, such as blogging
  • Applying 21st century skills in the classroom
50,000 step-by-step technology tutorials
Tech Skills Assessment based on ISTE NETS-S
21st Century Skills Assessment for teachers based on ISTE NETS-T
Access for staff, students and their families 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
The log in for the RRISD parents and community is available by contacting your students' campus.

We encourage you to use it as a resource for yourself, integrate it into your classroom, and invite your students to use it from home.


Round Rock ISD Instructional Technology

Thursday, August 15, 2013

We Worked Hard This Preseason. Now It's Time to Do the Real Work. Students show up soon.

I dare you not watch this whole video. Share it with your staffs, students, friends, and anyone else. We will be posting one or two videos a month on the blog and encourage you to share your thoughts on the RRISD G+ Professional Development Community

Saturday, August 3, 2013

RRISD ITS Department Busy Planning First Google Ninja Academy November 2, 2013 at RRHS

Who in RRISD could learn to better integrate Google into their daily work? Everyone and anyone. Google Apps for Education (GAFE) has become so embedded in the way Round Rock ISD organizes and communicates, that it is important to continue to sharpen our saw in regards to how this tool-set can help us meet the needs of our students.

With that in mind the Instructional Technology Department is in the process of crafting a day of learning about all things GAFE. The department will be utilizing techniques and resources as old as email and as current as G+ Communities, Hangouts, Apps, Extensions. Sure, technology will be used. But technology is not the focus. Communication, creativity, and collaboration are the essential skills that we may find with broadening our knowledge of GAFE.

The Google Ninja Academy promises to help you learn tools that will broaden your network, make you more efficient, and most importantly raise the achievement of you students. Click the picture above or right here to sign up.