Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Take Advantage of Swivl Devices Added to the Instructional Media Department Library

The Round Rock ISD Instructional Media Department is home to a wide variety of materials to check out and enhance your instructional delivery. One of the newest devices that has been added to its library are four Swivl devices. These devices will allow a teacher to use an iPod or iPhone record their instruction. The device will record his or her voice as well as use motion-tracking software to follow the teacher around the room. Click on the video above for an example. Several teachers have already used the device to record themselves delivering a lecture prior to class and then posting it on their site to give students a preview of an upcoming lesson. 

How To Check It Out:

Since this is a professional item, it will not appear in a search done in the online e-Library catalog which is used by our RRISD students.

Principals may contact their campus library to locate this (or any other cataloged professional) item in the district online Library (Sirsi WorkFlows) catalog.
Search by title:  SWIVL, other search terms have been added: "swivel" and "motion tracking".  The campus library will then submit a request for checkout from the Media Center.


Requests may be submitted from the RRISD website through the Instructional Media Department webpage:
Please select and complete the Instructional Media Request Form
Please allow 3 work days after the request is submitted for delivery by inter-campus mail  to campus.  
Requests may be placed in advance of an upcoming event to insure that a SWIVL is available.

If there is an immediate need, a request may be submitted by phone to Marie Nowak at 464-6992.  If the item is available, it will be checked out and may be picked up that day, from the Textbook  / Instructional Media Center at 16255 Great Oaks Dr. Suite 400.


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