Tuesday, November 12, 2013

ASTD Learn Now Conference is helping us all communicate and grow our group knowledge

Surprise! Industries from every sector are working through the same growing pains as us in education in regards to adult professional development. How will we move online in a way that allows our learners to collaborate and communicate in a way they expect? How will we make it an obvious and easy extension of their daily work?

I'm spending a couple days this week with professional development supervisor-types at the ASTD Learn Now conference from companies as varied as Microsoft and Playstation, to State Farm Insurance and Campbell's Soup. They all see the potential in using social learning. Whether it's Google+, Edmodo, and Twitter for Round Rock ISD or some internal enterprise sharing platforms I learned about today from my new friends in training and development - or T&D as they like to call it - everyone is looking for their employees to talk to and learn from one another. My big take-away so far is that we have a lot to gain from working with one another.

Some great quotes from today's presenters:
"Email is where organizational knowledge goes to die." Jane Bozarth @SoMe4Trainers
 Paraphrased from @SoMe4Trainers: If you are about to send an email to 5 or more people, should it really be emailed or should it be posted for the organization to learn from it?
"Education leads to knowledge, but experience leads to belief." Julie Dirksen @useablelearning
And an overall +1, Like, Favorite or whatever social media mumbo jumbo you prefer to Chad Udell, author of Learning Everywhere for leading us through a talk on Design Thinking, Lateral Thinking in Problem Solving, the Six Thinking Hats for meeting collaboration and getting a little comfortably numb with Oblique Strategies to problem solving.

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