Monday, December 16, 2013

Spend Some Time Swimming in the Deep End this Winter Break - The Self-Authoring Mind

Don't watch this video until at least January 1st! 

We will all rest and relax our bodies and minds during the winter break. We will want to put work behind us and not think about anything more complex than whether to rake the leaves, clean the gutters, or curl up with a book. But perhaps when there are only a few days left and we are getting ready to shake off the blas√© mindset of vacation life - it will be time to return to the life of the mind. 

So don't watch this video until winter break is almost over and while it is not strictly about education, it does offer some important mental calisthenics. It will loosen up the dendrites and fire up the old synapses. After all, you don't want to get back on Jan. 6th and pull a muscle. 

Dr. Kegan will be in RRISD delivering a workshop March 29th.


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