Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Reflection on Inaugural EdCamp RRISD from Director of Curriculum and PD, Dr. Lora Darden

It's time to share the learning from our first EdCamp last Saturday. To read the shared notes from every session, just click on the description on this session board. If you want to watch a live feed of three sessions, check out our YouTube channel here. If you want to learn a little more about some of those who attended, take a look at our introduction sheet where everyone learned a little more about one another: http://goo.gl/RMWgkV. We had plenty of RRISD folks as well as numerous educators from as far as Waco and beyond. 

Round Rock ISD's Director of Curriculum and Professional Development attended and shared the following thoughts:

Saturday's EdCamp was a really fascinating departure from traditional professional development! A huge thank you to +Ryan Smith, our fabulous Supervisor of Professional Development, for launching us into uncharted territory.  And another thank you to our inaugural group of EdCamp Campers!

What made the day such an exciting adventure? The group sizes were intimate (no larger than about 10-12 people), and as small as three. Because everyone had choice about which sessions to attend, all attendees were invested in what they were learning about. People shared a great deal of satisfaction with that aspect. The people in the room drove the conversation as it ebbed and flowed based on what the group wanted to talk about. Learning was organic and professional relationships were fostered as all participants had the chance to lead the learning.

I hope you'll join us for EdCamp #2 - more details are coming soon! Stay tuned for more details on how you, too, can become an EdCamp Camper with Round Rock ISD!

Thank you +Lora Darden for sharing. Our plan is to keep our EdCamps small and frequent, so stay tuned for the next one which will probably come around in April or May. If you have any thoughts on structure, venues, anything at all, please comment below or post to the EdCamp Round Rock ISD section of the RRISD PD G+ Community. And make sure you are making your plans for our Summer PD Conference starting July 28th - see you there.


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