Sunday, August 10, 2014

See You All Next Year at the Summer PD Conference. How About Some Feedback?

It does not seem quite real yet that the eight-day 2014 Round Rock ISD Summer Professional Development Conference has come to an end. So many individuals and department come together to offer exceptional training and development for every guest we welcomed through the doors the last two weeks.

But I must point out the work of two individuals who continually go beyond the requirements of their roles to make sure every single educator who chooses to put their learning in our hands has an exceptional experience. +Flo Bussell and +Dianna Guyette value customer service beyond everything else and while I get much of the public credit, they are behind the scenes making it all happen.

So, let's look forward. How can we get better next year? There are a lot of moving parts with more than 300 sessions, 200 presenters, 3,000 guests over the eight days so we need your help to make sure we are always improving. We want your opinion on everything from session content to parking and signage. We thank you for your time and will be randomly giving away 20 bamboo RRISD pen/stylus to the group who completes the survey before Aug. 26th.


Monday, August 4, 2014

EdCamp RRISD Summer. Let's Make it a Tradition.

So, we are adding an EdCamp into the annual Round Rock ISD Summer Professional Development Conference. It's a massive undertaking in itself over eight days with more than 300 session and over 5,000 attendees. More of a marathon than a sprint. But, this EdCamp is important.

It's important because it's a bridge. As of 7:36 on August 4th, we have 70 educators registered. And close to 75% of the registered attendees are not from Round Rock ISD. That is a huge celebration for us. Our goal is to become a destination for professional development for all of Texas. Guests at the EdCamp will get a free pass to the afternoon classes that are part of the regular conference so they can experience the level of professionalism Round Rock ISD presenters bring to their sessions.

We will be using the Round Rock ISD Professional Development Google+ Community to create the session board and you can watch it in real time. Attendees will make suggestions and +1 others suggestions to help us create the session board.

Even if you are not with us tomorrow, follow #rrisdpd on Twitter, check in with the RRISD PD G+ Community, even check out our introduction document to get to know the attendees, and look at the session board to see the shared notes documents for the true vicarious experience.